how to become an expert in your fieldWill you rather do business with an expert or an amateur? Will you allow an inexperienced medical practitioner perform surgery on you? What influence your choice of people you transact business with? It is the perception that they are an expert at what they do.

Everyone wants to do business with one, and you should position yourself as one too. You will enjoy the trust and respect that comes with being an expert at what you do. Maybe you do not know that no one cares about what you know if you are not an expert.

The spotlight is on experts; the media treasures them, people want to do business with them as well as work for them. Everything is in your favour in becoming an expert at what you do.


How people see you is a reflection of how you position yourself. Follow these 7 steps template to become an expert in no distant time.

EDUCATE YOURSELF IN YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE: What makes you an expert is your in-depth knowledge about your subject matter. It is your experience and ability to deliver results in your area of competence.
Read extensively on topics related to your niche. Consume useful and actionable content that helps you achieve results.

Your education may be from books, journals, podcasts, video casts, courses and masterclasses.

Learn from established experts in your niche. Get yourself in tune with the in thing in your area of expertise.

Educating yourself is important because it is your knowledge base and also, you cannot grow beyond your level of education.

Make it a key component of you to recharge your mind regularly. The more information you consume in your area of expertise, the more you are closer to becoming an expert.


GET EXPERIENCE THROUGH TAKING ACTION ON ALL THAT YOU’VE LEARNT: I remember before my first Facebook live session, I had read nearly 8 books on how to do a Facebook live like a pro. I thought I had everything covered only for me to mess up my live session. It was so bad that I couldn’t communicate anything valuable the way I had thought.

That experience brought me to the realisation that you do not become an expert or pro in something by reading about it but by getting yourself to act on the acquired knowledge.

Nothing beats experience; I had tried my hands at new thing severally. The first attempt is always terrible till I keep doing it to master it.

What separates you from your ideal customer is experience, which is as a result of you taking action.

You may share information sources with your clients, but you will lead the park because you’ve got the experience to deliver on your promise.

ADDRESS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE NEEDS: You know something that I do not know. You are an expert at something that I want to learn. I have a pain that you have its solutions.

How do I know what you do without needing to ask you? How do I know you are the one with the solution to my problems? How do I know that you are the expert that is perfect for me?

All I need to see is your content!

As an expert, your content must depict you as a solution provider. Your content must be strategic enough to position you as the go-to person in your field.

Content is king (that’s a cliché already) your content must resonate with your audience to position you as an expert.

Your content is the best marketing tool you can utilise to wield your expertise.

Your content must be targeted to help your target audience.

Your content must align with your niche.

Do not be a generalist who writes content on a relationship, politics, health, money making, networking, technology.

Your content must provide the solution to your client’s problems. When your content begins to resonate with your target audience consistently, they start to trust you. The more, people trust you, the more they are likely to pay for your services.

DEVELOP YOUR BRAND; I do not mean branding the way most people see it. Branding is bringing to life your ideas and vision.

Branding is more than the graphics and those secondary components.

Build your brand based on fairness, trust, integrity and competence. Perception becomes a reality. How you position your business and yourself influence the perception your target audience has about you.

Words of mouth are very incredible in marketing and getting yourself out there. Ensure you deliver more than you promised.

We live in a world of overpromising and underperforming when you deliver more than expected; you carve your name as an expert.


BLOW YOUR OWN TRUMPET: A good marketing only makes a bad product fail faster. Once you are sure of your offering to the world, tell the world what you do. Publicise it and be known.

Be seen, be heard and be known.

You don’t want to keep your greatness a secret. Your gifts and talent are not meant for you alone but to bless others.

Use social media to your advantage. Ensure your profile across all social media channels depicts you as an expert.

Ensure your bio states clearly what you do. Use a sharp and crisp picture.

Do not ignore the basics that count.


PUBLISH PRODUCTS ON YOUR SUBJECT MATTER: Experts are publishers. To publish means to distribute on a massive and large scale.

Publish a product in your niche that positions you as the expert in the niche. It could be a book, e-book, podcast, videocast, and just any product that is essential to your target audience.

Publishing a product is a quick fire way to announce you on the big front.

GET THE RESULTS: The ultimate yardstick to know an expert in any field is the ability to bring in the desired results.

You can’t afford to go all theoretical without flaunting the results you got as a consequence of the actions you took.

Your target audience needs the assurance that they will get the results they crave by following your lead.

It has gone beyond your ability to get the results but their ability to get the results by following our instructions.

Experts are result oriented. Bring in the result, and you are an expert at what you do instantly!

It is difficult for established expert to listen to you or collaborate with you if you are not an expert at the things you do.

What is that thing you are pursuing in a bid to become an expert in your field?

Join our community of Achievers who are growing their influence, getting visible and productive to earn profitably from their experience, knowledge, talent, and expertise.

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