Achievers provides solutions not just motivation
Achievers provide solution and not just motivation

Is motivation enough to get the results that we desire? If you keep motivating someone, without giving the person strategies to achieve his goals, how does such a person achieve his or her goal? Does motivation make achievers?

Do not be a motivational speaker. I can’t remember any industry leader donning the title.

Motivation is abused and people do not take the title seriously.

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A friend of mine received my webinar invite, and the first thing he asked me was, “are you a motivational speaker now”? I debunked quickly; because I do not refer to myself as one. I asked him why he asked the question and he said a whole lot of motivational speakers are what they say they are- Speakers!

He regaled me his personal experience about how he attended an event that was made to educate them on entrepreneurship, and the only thing they got was motivation. Achievers who turned passion to profits teach both.

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I took a 21-day course on social media organized by a prominent thought leader and he never for a day mention motivation or motivate us to achieve the results we desired. He fed us with strategies!

I’m sure you are wondering, what then you should do to stand out and be unique.

It is very simple; If you want to stand out, do the following!


These people are your targeted audience. Your ability to state clearly in simple term who these people are; determines your success on the journey.

Your target audiences are those you are meant to serve. You cannot serve everyone. Your gift is not intended for everyone. You do yourself a disservice if you think you can help everyone. Once you identify them, move to the next step.

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When you know your market clearly, you are aware of their challenges and pains. People buy the solution, and if you want to transit your passion to profit, you have to be an achiever who provides solutions and not just motivation.

If you don’t know who you serve; you can’t be aware of their problems or provide solutions that cater for their problems.

Achievers are solution providers, and motivation is a byproduct of what they do!


Here is what separate experts from amateur, industry leaders are solution providers. They don’t just motivate; they back it up with strategies that bring lasting solutions.

You do not want to lose yourself in the park of motivational speakers; there are lots of them. Your uniqueness lies in your ability to provide strategies to solve specific problems.

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What most people have is praising fan. Praising fans will clap for you and hail you for delivering the excellent speech, but they will stop being your fans the moment your life and appearance do not appeal to them. Praising fans will clap for you and hail you for delivering the excellent speech, but they will stop being your fans the moment your life and appearance do not appeal to them.

Wake up achiever; you are here to be a solution provider. That is what makes you an achiever.

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I believe your knowledge and experience are meant to be harnessed to provide solutions.

Our world needs strategies to move forward. Motivation alone may not provide those solutions.

Rise and shine. We are not here to be ordinary.

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