Branding: How to build successful brand
The greatest pitfall of branding is that people do not understand what it is. What is your definition of branding? What is a brand? Who is a brand?

How you brand yourself and your business is a reflection of your vision and mission of your business.

We live in a world of information overload. There’s too much information on the internet to put into use. It is a herculean task to test out information out there to know those that work and those that should be discarded.

Before we dive into what a brand is, I like to tell you the misconceptions about branding

  • A Brand is not just the beautiful pictures- A brand is more than the professional photo shoot. Many entrepreneurs are of the belief that a brand is just the well-taken picture. That you have a crisp picture does not make you a reputable brand.


  • A Brand is more than the logo – You may think to have a well-carved logo makes you a reliable brand; unfortunately, a logo does not give you a reputable brand. A logo is only a subset of your entire brand.


  • A Brand is not colours- That you stick to a predetermined colour for your graphics does not make you a reputable brand. A reliable brand is far more than that.


  • Branding is expensive – The biggest problem with branding is that many people do not know what it is. Branding yourself and your business could be done with little or no cost outlay at all. Branding becomes expensive when you follow the instructions in the “books” dogmatically.


  • You can do without branding- branding is a projection of your business. Setting out on the entrepreneurial journey without a vision of what you want your business to look like is the first step to failing. Branding is everything you do in your day to day business.


  • A brand is the reflection of your ideas, vision, and aspirations of your business. Branding is simply how you project your image to the world. Before you start getting worked up on the secondary components, you must specify explicitly what your business visions and missions are.You may be engaged in a business venture very similar in nature to other people. Your brand and your projection will give you the competitive edge to become the market leader as a result of your branding foundation.


  • A brand is a promise of satisfaction: A brand is an ability to deliver on your promise. It is the fulfillment of your promises to clients that makes you a reputable brand.In our world of over-promising, our ability to deliver on your words is what makes you a reliable brand.A brand is more of your client’s confidence to get the desired result from you: this brings satisfaction.


  • A Brand is your integrity: It is everything in business. You may overlook some things as little, but they have the greatest impact. Don’t promise 100 and you only deliver 50. Such deeds make clients take to their hills. Be man and woman of your words. Stay true to your words and do not make up alibis for your laxity. People who have clients begging for their attention are people who deliver more than they promised. What does a brand mean to you?


  • A brand is what others say you – In the course of business, your brand is your reputation in the marketplace. You will be doing your business a lot of good by ensuring you offer more than you promised your client. When you keep your customers happy, they will, in turn, tell others great things about your business. You lose potential customers when you fail to treat your current client well. Ensure that you portray your brand the way you want it to be related to other people.

Shift your focus away from the graphics. Turn your attention to your visions, missions, and projections, from there lies the blueprint of your branding strategy.What does a brand mean to you and how can you improve your branding strategy? Share with me in the comment section.

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