How to get visible to your target audienceImagine if Apple Inc. is not visible with all its amazing product range. Could it enjoy the success it enjoys now without being visible to its target audience? Imagine the world of technology without Apple products. You are leaving a lot on the table if you are not visible with your products and services.


Do you light a candle and put it under a table? What are your life and business goals? Do you think your current level of visibility will help you reach those goals sooner than expected? Retake a look at your reasons for embarking on this journey; do you think you will meet your targets with your invisibility?


People will not know what you do if you fail to communicate that to them and also, show up consistently. Your work is to tell the world what you do and be consistently visible with your products or services.


As an expert, you become visible by getting into your target audience camp and sharing useful tips with them to help them achieve their goals. You have to be known as the solution provider.


There is no good of a good product that is secretive or hidden. You are not afraid of people, are you? Why have you decided to start the business if you are not visible to your target audience? Do you know that you are limiting your impacts if you are not visible with your services and offering in the marketplace?


You do what you do to impact and influence others. Business succeeds as a result of the exchange of resource for information/product between you and your targeted audience.




TELL THE WORLD WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR BIO: Your bio should not include texts like Jesus freak, Lover of Christ and all sorts. Do you think people care about your beliefs? Your bio must state in clear terms what you do. Your bio across social media must tell what you do. Ensure that your bio state clearly, what you do, your target audience and what you help them achieve.


GET INTO YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE CAMP: I want to believe you know you who your target audience is. Your mission is to find where they gather and get into the mix. Getting into your target audience mix not only get you closer to them but it is very cost efficient. When you get into the mix, ensure you offer actionable content that helps them achieve the goals they want to achieve.



ENGAGE AND CONNECT: When your bio state clearly what you do, begin to connect with your target audience. The more of your target audience you are visible to, the more your chances of earning. Word of mouth is an excellent way to promote your brand, and that can only be achieved when you communicate the right message to the right people. Find your targeted audience and connect with them as much as possible. Get them into your list, group or any means that will facilitate continuous communication with them.


POST CONSISTENTLY – You need to be consistent with your content. The chances of people paying for your services skyrocket if they consume your content consistently. Engage with your new friends in your posts and messages. You may want to stop marketing and start engaging. Engagement is key to your success. The more you engage with your tribe, the more you are positioned to meet their needs and make good sales.


My approach in this post is you taking the bull by the horn. You do the works; stop waiting for them to come. Take the bull by the horn and get visible with your offering in the marketplace. Get seen, get heard and get paid!

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