Achievers are grateful soul

I was having a stroll one relaxed evening, enjoying the cool breeze and the subdued ray of the sun. Suddenly, I began to hear a noise, sounds I couldn’t fathom.

Lots of sentences were roaming the air. I couldn’t pinpoint where it was emanating from, what it meant and why it was so noisy. I thought maybe a fight broke out somewhere. I was getting closer to the noise, and my fear increased. I got scared because my mind was racing slowly. What could be wrong? I thought.

Moving closer, I was beginning to decipher the noise, they were starting to make sense to me. I was hearing cries, wails, agony and sorrow filled the air as several people were shouting and screaming.

On a typical day, I could have turned back, but my curiosity got the better of me, I continued the journey towards these sounds of anguish.

“She woke up this morning playing with us all” somebody said. “This afternoon, she complained of a headache” another voice echoed. The noise was beginning to make sense to me. Someone gave up the ghost a few hours ago.

The grim reaper had just taken someone away. I was feeling remorseful; the words broke my bones. Moving closer, I saw the bigger picture, clerics were conducting burial rites on the deceased. I kept my distance to analyze the tense environment. People were jumping up and down crying, everyone expressing their thoughts and their last contact with the deceased.

It was a tense environment with no iota of silence, let alone laughter. Joy was nowhere to be found; happiness went on exile and noise was the MC of the event.

I was forced to retrace my tracks when I couldn’t handle the sight of the proceedings. On my way back to my abode, thoughts were roaming my mind. She left her family, friends and loved ones behind. She forgot to pick along with her hard earned money. She left all her property, assets and liabilities behind. She couldn’t pick her best cloth along with her, not even jewelry, I thought. It dawns on me that life is nothing but chasing after the wind.

Many are of the school of thought that sleeping and waking are automated. Many find it difficult to thank God for the breath of life. Countless are obsessed with their schedules that they have no time to give thanks for life. Many sleep, only to wake up in the mortuary. Many sleep only to pass away in their sleep. Countless sleep and wake up but only intelligent and grateful few give thanks for the gift of life.

A few months ago, I traveled to a neighboring state. I took the mass transit, and I sat in the back seat. My mind was busy as ever. We passed by a recent accident scene, and the grim reaper took everyone involved away. I was marveled, I was shocked because the incident occurred less than 10mins ahead of us. I looked up to the heaven, and all I could say was thank God.

Why was this not me? Was I better than the dead? No, I was worse than they were, yet am alive. Many of us travel frequently, successfully we are traveling the journey of life, and how many times did you remember to thank God? A grateful heart is a thankful heart.

There are countless reasons to thank God, ranging from the air we inhale to the complicated things. It costs nothing to be grateful, and it saves us a lot. You own no power over life; you are only a product of grace, privilege, and mercy. Each day is precious and priceless. Be grateful for the little things. Show appreciation and watch as things unfold for the best for you. For every break of the new day that you see and witness, be thankful. You are not better than the dead.

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